Think outside the box


We are passionate about what we do, that is why we put our best in every project.


We have committed designers looking to bring the idea of a client to a studied design, thinking in every detail.


We are always in constant training to provide the most recent alternatives for development and programming.


We help the customer to promote their website or application, to attract potential clients from the start.


Web design and programming

We are always on the lookout for the latest trends in web design in the world, to accomplish a product that puts the customer's image at the top of the web.

We create responsive, progressive web pages for any device, using the best available technologies in web development.

Mobile Apps

In times where mobile platforms are ubiquitous and constantly changing customer needs, we use creativity and technology to provide the best possible solution.

We design and develop fully native applications for iOS and Android. We have the necessary training to properly orient and guide our clients from the beginning to achieve a final product.

Meet our team

We are a group of friends united by a passion for quality. We focus on strategy, design and development, as we pursue the same goal. We work every day to build the best applications and web pages for the best customers. That is exactly what makes us tick.

Gerardo Picón

UX/UI Designer

When starting a web project, he is responsible for carrying them out. Specialist design and structuring of web pages.
Key factor within the design team.

Renzo Bianchi

UX/UI Designer

He is in charge of converting the client's idea into a tangible design. Always at the beginning of the production line in each project.

Lorenzo Palmés


Once the design has been defined, he is responsible for developing everything necessary to achieve a finished quality product.

Our customers

Some of the companies and organizations that trusted in us.

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