Here are some of the most important projects developed entirely by Studio Box

Disney Saul Saidel

Saul Saidel is a tourism company with over 40 years organizing trips to different parts of the world, attentive to every detail, so that each passenger feel at home.

Studio Box designed and developed the website and mobile apps for the area of the company that runs trips to Disney. They are highly use by passengers and their families, who can follow day to day activity that takes place in each of the trips to Disney.

In addition, we created a system that enables coordinators to access medical records of each passenger, scanning a QR code that they have in their ID card.

ECO Parking

ECO is a mobile app that facilitates the management of a public service vehicle parking in the City of San Juan in Argentina. With this application you can save time by registering your parking slot. If you do not live in this city it will hardly be useful, unless you intend to visit on your next vacation.


The CONEIC is an academic, social and cultural activity, where the latest advances in technology, methods and solutions related to the Civil Engineering are shown, differing from other conferences to be exclusively aimed at students and professionals in training. Every year brings hundreds of students, professionals and teachers across Argentina and Latin America, seeking to complement the knowledge acquired and foster integration at national level.

From our study we have developed the registration system (via web) and attendance system for this event, through scanning QR codes. Besides Studio Box was present in the design and development of the official website and applications for smartphones (iOS and Android).


BeeFree is our first Startup. A platform developed in conjunction with Beirut Creative Studio, which allows users to have the freedom to choose between different clubs in San Juan and request your free ticket. In addition, this platform is a great benefit to the owners of the clubs because they can attract more customers and allows them to keep a detailed statistical control of the entries that are delivered every weekend.

This platform is being developed for iOS and Android devices, and will also be available as a web application.

La Martina Country Houses

La Martina is a real estate development project, which arose from the concern of families to live in a safe place, in contact with nature, respecting and caring coexistence with the environment; just minutes from the center of the capital of San Juan, through fast and wide roads.

Our contribution to this building project consisted in the design and development of a website, from which potential customers can view information about the project and ask for prices and dimensions of the different terrains through a fully interactive map.

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